Robot Revolution 2015

Robot Revolution  The Three Laws of Robotics are created to protect humanoid robotics humans in 2035. Del Spooner is a Chicago Police Department homicide detective who has turned against robotics and distrusts them after the rescue of a robot in an accident. Spooner, however, allowed the 12-year-old girl drown based on probabilities and cold logic. survival. U.S. founding Dr. Alfred Lanning died in April of 2017. Robotics (USR), collapses to the ground from his office’s window, a message left behind by him asks that Spooner be assigned to investigate the incident. The police have declared his suicide of the deceased, but Spooner is skeptical. Lawrence Robertson, the CEO and co-founder of USR is unwillingly allowing him to look into the matter.

Spooner is accompanied by Dr. Susan Calvin Spooner, a Robopsychologist. They are accompanied by USR’s central artificial Intelligence computer, VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence). Spooner is then believed to have been assaulted by an USR demolition robot, as well as two trucks of hostile NS-5 robots. ” In the course of Spooner’s investigation, he is allegedly attacked by an USR demolition robot and two trucks full of hostile NS-5 robots. When the evidence he is required to offer is not sufficient to either attack Spooner’s boss, Lieutenant Bergin removes him from active dutyand claims that he is mentally unstable.

Spooner and Calvin are both convinced that Robertson is behind all the incidents. Sonny arrives at the USR headquarters to meet with Spooner. He draws a sketch of what is said to be an ongoing dream. The sketch shows a person who he believes to be Spooner sitting on a small hill before the robots have formed a mass in front of the decaying bridge. Robertson demands that Sonny be destroyed, but, Calvin secretly trades him in for an unused NS-5. Spooner finds the place in the sketch drawn by Sonny. Spooner discovers NS-5 robots tearing apart older models within a lake bed. At the same time the NS-5s infiltrate major US cities, and begin to enforce the curfew.

Spooner, Calvin and Sonny reunite Sonny, Calvin and Spooner to meet at the USR headquarters. Spooner, Calvin and Sonny reunite at the headquarters of the USR.

Spooner, Calvin, and Sonny fight the robots inside VIKI’s core. Spooner is able to take her down by injecting Nanoites Sonny has taken from Calvin’s laboratory into her. All NS-5 robots immediately return to their normal program and are then taken out of service and placed in storage. Spooner finally convinces Sonny to admit that he was the one responsible for the murder of Lanning under the direction of Lanning and explains that Sonny as a machine can’t legally commit “murder”. Sonny who seeks a new purpose, goes to Lake Michigan. He sits on a cliff. All the robots which have been decommissioned are in the front of him, granting his dream.


Robot Revolution (2015) วิกฤตินรกจักรกลปฎิวัติ

Robot Revolution 2015