Survival Family 2016

Survival Family

Survival Family

Survival Family Shinobu Yaguchi was the director of the film in 2016. Japanese comedy/drama Survival Family (sabaibaruhuamiri Sabaibaru famiri). It was produced by Takashi Ishihara and Minami Ichikawa, as well as Kiyoshi Nagai. The film was selected for the 2016 International Film Festival & Awards in Macao.

The main character of the film, Yoshiyuki (played here by Fumiyo Khinata) is the main focus of the movie. The entire city is in a state of panic as the power goes out because of the solar flare. Yoshiyuki must take charge of the family to survive and endure. The family is accustomed to urban lifestyle. They are taught to accept the reality of Japan’s dismal Japan in which there is no electricity.

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